Akari Challenge

The solutions for challenges 1 and 2 are no longer available (I accidentally deleted them from Google Drive). I will retype them one of these days…gomen

Challenge 3 was originally lost as well but somehow recovered.


Who ate my pudding

Who ate Akari's pudding?

The solution is an imgur link of the character who ate Akari's precious pudding.

2012/12/19 - Solved by @TheBonkler Two in a row :D


Just for fun. No prize because I'll go broke giving away nendos :(


5 19

Akari's Missing Hairbun

The solution is a link to the missing hairbun.

2012/12/13 - Solved by @TheBonkler


Same prize as last time. First person to e-mail [email protected] or DM @waaaiAkari the link to the missing hairbun gets an Akari nendoroid . Good luck!

Note: If you've won a prize before you can't win another.



Akari Challenge 1

An 18 digit number is the status that leads to the answer, but to begin your quest you will need to start shorter.

Edit: Ignore https://waa.ai/status.php. It's not relevant here. All the information you need to start can be found on this page.

2012/12/12 - Solved by @acesofthesky


Because I am kind, loving, and a little bored, the first person to make it to the end will get an Akari nendoroid . Good luck!